Shane's 29th Birthday

After spending the day working in Austin and flying back in the evening, the first order of business was to stoke up the fire that Laurie had prepared.

It wasn't long till the presents rolled in - this one I had carted all the way back from Australia last October. Thanks Mum & Dad - I really wanted this stuff, and I still think it's funny that you forgot to write on the card....

Mr & Mrs Nason came through with this great pair of miniature binoculars.

Laurie's sister Kelly got me this fishing book about the San Francisco area. I'm already considering getting a canoe.

Laurie got me a great photo framed, and a card with a 3 year old streaming paper off the toilet roll. What's that supposed to mean?

This is all the booty in front of the fireplace.


And the best part of all - my banana cake.