Ali's Flight


Ali became my new boss when I accepted a managerial position in Tivoli. Shortly after, he visited Santa Cruz, and I offered to take him flying. Not wanting to show a lack of confidence in me, what choice did he really have?


Shortly after takeoff, this is a shot out the back.

This is part of 17 mile drive, on the tip of Monterey peninsula.

Santa Cruz's premier tourist attraction, the wharf, beach and and the boardwalk on the right.

The Santa Cruz yacht harbour.

The Tivoli Santa Cruz office, with Highway 1 on the right. Keep following that for about 1 and a half hours and you're in San Francisco. Take it south for about 10 hours and you're in Los Angeles.

The view of Santa Cruz and Monterey Bay to the south from directly over the office.

Ok, this was the real version of the picture at the top.

On final approach, with a slight crosswind from the right. We're setting up for a soft-field landing as the front nose strut was not very well pressurized.

Back on the ground - notice the front strut is compressed.