Shane B Weeden

27A Block 19,

Chi Fu Gardens.





Professional Skills:

Programming Platforms (in order of experience):

Windows NT, UNIX, DOS, Windows 3.1, VAX/VMS


Bachelor of Information Technology (University of Queensland, Brisbane).


Professional History:

Hong Kong Jockey Club (Hong Kong)

AUGUST 1996 - Today Position: Senior Software Engineer

Senior developer for the Hong Kong Jockey Club's Betting Systems Redevelopment project.

This project rates among the worlds leading transactional systems with extremely critical performance and robustness requirements. The system (currently in use and with a second major release under development) is a flexible three tiered client / server / database on-line transaction processing system. Today it provides Hong Kong's lottery system and will eventually take on processing of all racing bets with expected final performance criteria of 350 millisecond round trip transaction times at a peak rate of 2400 TPS.

OSF's Distributed Computing Environment (DCE) is used for heterogeneous network transport and authentication security. Windows NT and OSF1/Intel platforms are currently used for client platforms and Digital Alpha machines for mid-tier and database servers. The software can also be compiled on Windows NT and IBM's AIX.

This position required an in-depth knowledge of all components in the system, particularly the robust on-line transaction processing architecture and the extensive use of the DCE product suite and SYBASE client library.



Hong Kong Jockey Club Systems (Australia)

JANUARY 1994 -JULY 1996 Position: Software Engineer I

Chief developer and team leader for a staff of 3 to 4 programmers in Australia and Hong Kong for various components of the Hong Kong Jockey Club's Smart Card Pilot Project (ESC).

This project required comprehensive knowledge of smart card systems design and implementation, Windows NT, GUI programming, C++/C and OODBMS design and development using the Versant OO database.

Deliverables included:

JUNE 1993 - JANUARY 1994 Position: Programmer

Six months training and development of small object oriented systems in Hong Kong for the RHKJC using Digitalk Smalltalk and Visual C++ on Windows 3.1. Primary project was a "poker machine style" animated Lucky Draw application shown on CCTV for promotions at race meetings.

JANUARY 1993 - JUNE 1993 Position: Programmer

Joint development of a smart card demonstration for the RHKJC board of stewards as a display of the technology. This project used the Gemplus GPM896 memory card and Gemplus readers, as well as a modified version of a HKJC betting terminal. It was based on the success of this demonstration that the Smart Card pilot project was launched.

Sole developer of a number of low-level RS232 and Ethernet 802.3 applications on DOS for simple low speed ethernet communications, monitoring and bridging for cross-site development and testing.

FEBRUARY 1992 - JANUARY 1993 Position: Student Programmer

Customisation of the RHKJC Customer Input Terminal (CIT) system for the Queensland TAB. The CIT3 is a hand-held betting device with 80186 processor, touch sensitive LCD screen and built in modem and RS232 communications ports. It has a custom event-driven operating system and is written in C and assembler.

Gladstone Power Station

1989 - 1991 Part Time College Employment

Development of a number of small PC systems including:

Fly-ash Vibrator database written in Turbo Pascal and requiring development of RS232 driver for DOS for an HP plotter.

Asset register written as a form-based DBASE 3 application.


Written references and referee's contact information available upon request.


Mr Chris Curtis

Hong Kong Jockey Club Systems (Australia)


Mr Grant Partridge

Justice of the Peace