22nd June, 1997

Stage 1, 2 and 3 of Lantau Trail



Well yesterday's walk was a success despite the rain if the pain in my calves and thighs today is anything to go by. Unfortunately due to lack of participation, the Frog & Toad leg of the walk was cancelled, but it would have been a little damp anyway.

The walk from Mui Wo to the buddha took three of us around 3.5 hours with three short breaks, one on a ridge near the top of Sunset Peak, one at the bottom of Sunseat Peak (near a big brahman bull!), and one at the top of Lantau Peak. It sure is a hell of a climb up there!

Noteable sights were: a shit load of cloud, a small red clawed land crab of some sort near the top of Sunset Peak, the aforementioned (and somewhat photogenic) bull, some wild lillies and, due to the rain, so very picturesque waterfalls. While waiting to regroup at the top of Sunset Peak, a momentary break in the clouds gave us an excellent view of the new airport sight. On a clear day I imagine the views there would be stunning.

A couple of things about hiking in the rain - it sure cuts the heat down which makes the uphill sections much more bearable, however the extreme slipperyness of the steps makes the downhill sections dangerous and we all found that concentration was paramount to staying on your feet. Sometimes even that doesn't help - hey Chris!

I am contemplating some sort of walk next weekend during the handover holidays. No date yet, but would like it to be around Sai Kung area so that we might end up having another dinner at Pepperoni's. Any ideas or objections? Have your say!