28th September, 1997

Stage 5 of Maclehose Trail




Backing up from last nights big walk, and with Chris having to work I opted for a casual day and got two takers - Jenny and Sarah. After finding Fei Ngo Shan road closed just after turning off Clearwater Bay road, we set of up the hill on foot rather than in the typical luxury of a HK taxi.

Cool overcast conditions made this a reasonably pleasant walk, and we finished the course of just over 12 kilometers in around 3 hours. Having been walking a lot lately, this was a pleasant change from our usual 5+ km/hr. The monkeys did not dissappoint, appearing en-mass at the end of stage 5. One of them even started climbing up the straps on my pack when I wasn't paying attention! Unfortunately I didn't have my big stick so a quick pirouet was required to centrifugally eject that nasty critter.

This was the first time I'd backed up on the day after a big walk, and found the conditions pleasantly easier than I'd expected. Perhaps it was our slower pace, whatever way I was quite pleased with the results.