2nd October, 1997

Stages 4, 5 of Maclehose Trail




Just five days since our last walk, Chinese National day afforded us the opportunity of a mid-week trek across the hills of HK, so who were we to waste the opportunity. A warm, sunny Autumn day had us in a real lather by the time we reached the pass at Ma On Shan, an hour after our 9:50 departure.

This walk is almost routine for us now, and we belted our way through the hills, reaching Gilwell Campsite in just over 2 and a half hours. We were at the support team meeting site part way into stage 5 by the three hour mark, and took our first decent break at the shop down the road.

Stage 5 was posing no real trouble till Chris decided it was time to do a triple spin with a double twist and end up with a slighty lower centre of gravity down one of the slippery hills. This was quite a sight, appendages at all angles however after a moment to regroup it was back on track and onward for us. Finishing about 5 hours and 5 minutes after we began we were both in good shape ready for more. Sanity prevailed, and we called it a day there at the end of stage 5 as this Sunday we have a beauty planned, stages 6 - 10. Tune in next time to see what happened....