12th November, 1997

Stage 5 of Maclehose Trail




As per plan, we set out on our small mid-week night hike to make sure we were comfortable with our night setup. Unfortunately work kept Chris and Peter away and Allan's cunning plan was to stop two weeks before the big one, so Sark and I went at it on our own.

The walk was a quick blast along stage 5 starting right back at the Gilwell Campsite and going through to Kowloon Reservoir. The entire walk took us 2 hours and 5 minutes and it was around 11km. It was actually quite a bit warmer than I expected, and the moon was out as well. All in all, a short pleasant experience.

As I write this it's a week and a day till we go for it and I'm champing at the bit. Our final support team meeting is this Sunday, then four days of work and then we're off!