Wendy & Mike's Visit

Friday Sept. 7 - Sunday Sept. 16th, 2001

Saturday September 8th marked the 31st birthday of Wenz!!  Mike and Wendy flew in on Friday Sept. 7th to spend the weekend in Lake Tahoe with Shane, Laurie and the rest of the Australian Rules Footy Team.  Of course we began our day with a couple of pieces of cake - breakfast of champions!!! 

Wendy, Laurie and Mike headed off on an all day hike in the mountains surrounding Lake Tahoe (pictured in the background).  These newlyweds had Laurie working hard to keep up with them, but we had a fabulous time enjoying the surroundings and chatting to various other hikers along the way.

Wenz and Laur posing for a shot beneath this incredible rock spectacle.

The hiking trio with Lake Tahoe pictured behind. 

Wendy and Mike flew in for the weekend and the plan was for Mike to go home to Vancouver on the Sunday night and Wendy to stay on with Laurie and Shane until Tuesday when she was supposed to fly down to LA for a Medical course.  Unfortunately with the tragic events that occurred on September 11, 2001, Wendy was "stranded" with Laurie and Shane for a whole week.  Despite the horrific events that unfolded that week, Wenz and Laur spent an amazing week together enjoying every minute of the time we had  - something that hasn't happened since Cambridge, England 1988.  Wendy expanded our culinary feats to include dough for our homemade pizza, cinnamon rolls from scratch, and a variety of other delights!!  We went running together and explored parts of Santa Cruz on foot instead of my car.  I was sad to see my friend leave.