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 Note: This information is really for HKJCS (Australia) staff to keep them clued in on Hong Kong and my experiences here. It deals mainly with the new things that you see, particularly with the South Pacific hotel, where I spent quite a long period whilst working on the smart card project.


Arriving in Hong Kong

Getting to the Hotel

All this info is for Kai Tak airport.

Really you have two options, the taxi or an airbus.

Believe me - take the bus. Get the A20, it costs about 1/5 the price and will get you there faster and in more comfort. Just turn left when you get out of the airport and follow the signs. You should have HK$ with you, it will cost about HK$20. There is a change counter for breaking the HK$100 notes that you will get from Anita Chan or Toni Squire.

South Pacific Hotel User Guide


Hotel Home Page

Click here to go to the hotels home page - this has a few nice photos and some other information.

Checking In

Make sure when you arrive at the checkin counter that you:

End of Day Jobs

When you arrive back at the hotel after a hard days work and are ready to crash (often this will be after 11pm) you should do a lot of little jobs to ensure a good nights sleep. You must do these jobs EVERY day as the housekeeping staff will undo them every morning.

Here they are listed in optimal order so you only have to pass through the room once to complete them.

Checking Out

Here are some hints about checking out:

Miscellaneous Hotel Information

When taking a shower it pays to close the toilet seat first. This may seem silly until you have soap in your eyes and try to scramble from the shower over to the sink to get the extra bottle of shampoo...

Hong Kong Experiences

Here are some of the funny things that have happended to people on their trips to HK. If you have an original HKE to add to this list, please mail them to me direct.