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These pages feature various projects that Laurie has been working on.

This is one of two planters that I made up of pansies (3 different colours) and silver dust.  Both of the planters sit on our deck in the backyard.

These pretty flowers are called ranunculus,  I counted over 10 blooms on it.  There is a garden that runs along the front of the house and there are two of these types of flowers in this garden.  The other is a bright orangy-red.

This gorgeous plant is called a Calla Lily.  I love this!!!  It is supposed to spread.  Just look at all the lilies on it. 

Laurie's purple corner at the back of the house. 

This WILL be the veggie garden.  You can't see anything yet, but we have peas, radishes, parsley and basil planted.  I'll be checking every day to see what comes up.  Yesterday I caught a cat jumping through it - just wait until I get the garden house out!!!


No, these aren't weeds. This is the photo of the grown peas and radishes.