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This site will take you through the beginning to end stages of construction on the new home Mom and Dad Nason are building on the former lot of HOKELA (the cottage).  The construction began in June 2002 and is expected to be completed and fully operational (livable) by November 2002.  Mom and Dad plan to move up permanently to their new home in early 2003.  The first 2 pages show the framing aspects of the home, page 3 shows the drywall stage and page 4 relates to items that have been installed in the new home.  Page 5 are photos related to the supervisor and shed being dismantled.

Looking out towards the Georgian Bay at the framed basement/1st level of the new home.



Looking from the water up towards the house.  The bunky roof can be seen peaking out behind the framed 1st floor.  The orange fencing material is wrapped around the trees in front of the house to protect them from being torn down or 'bumped into' by heavy machinery.

The top floor of the house - the lake is to the right of this picture.  We are actually looking towards the master bedroom in this photo with the sliding glass doors to the right - the front door.  The half-circle window above the sliding glass door will be where the stain glass is placed of HOKELA.

This is looking back towards the bunky and features the kitchen in the far background (you can see the rectangular pass-thru pictured in the middle of the photo).  The cathedral ceilings will stop at the dining room area.