16 Paterson Place, Paradise Point

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Location and Floor Plan

The location of our new house!!  It faces west and the red dot in the center of the page gives you an idea of where we are located.  Notice the bowling green to the bottom center of the page.  We'll be able to bowl (lawn) frequently which was quite a factor in the buying process.

This gives you an idea of where Paradise Point is in relation to the Gold Coast.  Brisbane is off the map to the north about an hours drive. Southport is about 15 minutes away.  You'll notice there is a barrier island (South Stradbroke Is.) that runs parallel to the coastline and broadwater is the term used to describe the water in between the coast and the island.

We take possession of the house on or near to Sept. 12th 2003.  Shane is likely going to fly down on points and be there for the close.  Hopefully then we'll have better photos.  The house was purchased primarily for location to the broadwater and secondarily for the home.  A huge thanks to Joe Weeden (Shane's cousin) who came across this wonderful find and for Warwick (Shane's dad) who drove down from Gladstone to check this place out along with a bunch of others.  Without their help and Aileen's (Shane's mom) assistance with the power of attorney we would not have been able to close the deal as quickly as we did.  The plan at this point we hope to rent it out and we have no immediate plans to move down to Australia.  But when we do - we'll have a great place!!  The longer we stay in the US the more we are able to pay down our mortgage.  It feels good to have something to put our money towards.