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Professional Information

I am currently working in Hong Kong under contract to the Hong Kong Jockey Club.

My work is as a senior software engineer for the Betting Systems Redevelopment project (BSR).

This system under development is a three tiered client / server / database on-line transaction processing system. We use DCE for network transport, security, and name services, Windows NT and OSF1/Intel for clients, and a Sybase database. Digital Unix on alpha is our current server platform, however our software can also be compiled on NT and AIX.

For a more detailed background on my professional career, click here for my Resume.


Maclehose / Trailwalker 1997

In gearing up for this year's Trailwalker event, a lot of training took place.

Our four person team was assigned team number 526. This had us starting at 3pm on Friday 21st November. The team was:

Peter  Shane    Chris      Sark  

Contained here is a summary of the hikes that I've taken on, mostly with a bunch of friends here in Hong Kong. There are some neat pictures amongst them, and these are summarised at the end:

Picture Reference (including miscellaneous support pics)
Other Trailwalker References

Holiday Snaps

Fishing Photo's

BarraBase Fishing Adventure - October, 1996

Well Chris and I hit the Hinze Dam in mid 1996 and here it is:

Other Photo's

Here are some cool pictures I've picked up:

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